This is the member services & faq page for Gainesville Gym.  This is offered to persons who already have a membership to Gainesville Gym.  So what can you do Here?

Freeze your membership.
Find out when your membership expires.
Find out when & the amout of the last payment made on your membership.
Request a replacement membership card.
Frequently asked questions.
Suggestion Box.


Put Your Membership on Freeze

Leaving Town?  You can freeze your membership and use it later.  The membership freeze is one of the most popular services used by the members of Gainesville Gym.  It costs $2.00 to freeze a membership.  This fee can be paid when the membership is frozen or when the membership is reactivated.  Here is how it works: In person, go up to the front desk of Gainesville Gym & tell the sales person that you want to freeze you membership.  You will be issued a membership freeze certificate with the current date on it.  You  retain this certificate till such time that you would like to start your membership back up again.  When you are ready to resume attending Gainesville Gym bring the freeze certificate to the front desk.  The proper amount of time will then be credited to your membership & you will be issued a new membership card with the new expiration date.   By Phone:  Give us a call at 352-376-8400 and be prepared to give us a valid postal address & we will  then mail you a freeze certificate.  Make sure your address is valid as the Gainesville Gym is not responsible for lost freeze certificates.  By Internet, EMail us at  In the subject line type "freeze my membership".  In the body of the message give us your name & the postal address that you would like us to send your certificate.  You will receive your certificate in about 5 working days.

When Does my Membership Expire?

This information is only offered in person or by phone at Gainesville Gym.  Just stop by the front desk & ask, or call us at 376- 8400 & we would gladly tell you when you gym or tanning membership expires.