January 14, 2004..Ephedra banned from sale.  No more before workout speed drinks will be sold at Pro Shoppe, in compliance with state and federal law. 

November 10, 2003
...James Albury wins Mr. Gainesville on the 3rd try, Dana Schoonmaker wins a competitive Ms Gainesville(9 competitors largest turnout in a number of years).  Erica Stern wins the the 1st edition of the figure contest.
February 12, 2003
..  New Landice L9 Treadmills have been put in place replacing the old worn out Trotters

August 10th, 2001
..  We have just learned that after being in business for almost 20 years the Golds Gym here in Gainesville has closed its doors.  This comes at a complete surprise to us as they always had a busy bustling place that looked to have a lot of members.  Good luck to the Decarlis family and thanks for all the support you have given to the Gainesville Bodybuilding Championships over the years.  Members of Golds we have a program in place whereby you can transfer your membership to Gainesville Gym.  call 376-8400 for info on how to transfer your membership.

March 14, 2001... the Gainesville Gym is in the local college newspaper the Alligator,  Nice article gym members Pete Fulton & Steve Rutsis are getting ready for the world powerlifting championships  Good luck guys.