2001 NPC Gainesville Championships
..... Mike Horan and Tami Lee Lanigan dominated their respective divisions and moved on to take the open overall titles at the 22nd annual NPC Gainesville Bodybuilding Championships.
..... The Level I event was held on November 10 under the promotion of John Babb, Clovis Watson, Jr., and the Gainesville Gym. Mike Horan, 33, of Gainesville, won the men’s open lightheavyweight class unanimously before staking claim to the overall title. Horan is 5’8” tall and weighed in at 184 pounds and is a physical therapist who trains at the Gainesville Gym.
..... Tami Lee Lanigan, 43, of Gainesville, beat Natasha Gonzalez of Gainesville in the women’s open lightweight class before moving on to the finals to take the overall title. Lanigan is 5’4” tall and is the manager of Big Ben Fitness and a mother of four and this was her first competition.

Photos by Mike Lucas
Mike Horan - Click for Larger Image
Mike Horan
Open Lightheavyweight Winner

Tami Lee Lanigan
Open Lightweight Winner

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