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This years show was no less than a barn burner.  We had 20 competitors & they all looked great.  The party at the SWAMP restaurant was a big hit with the judges for lunch, had a post contest party after the show.
We have to thank the major sponsors:  Solo Pro, Europa Sports, and American Nutrition, without their support
a show of this quality would not be possible.
Here is a quick table of the results, pictures to follow

Mr. Gainesville
Overall Winner Mr Gainesville 2001- Mike Horan

1st, Mike Koplow

1st, Jason Alan Smith

1st, Mike Horan
2nd, Robert Lees
3rd, Sean Brown
4th, Mike Fanus
5th, Mike Hogan 


Overall Winner Ms Gainesville 2001 - Tami Lee Lanigan

1st, Tami Lee Lanigan
2nd, Natasha Gonzalez

1st, Maria Rodriguez

1st, Kelly Bergdoll

Over 35 Mr. Gainesville

1st, Forest Smith
2nd, John Harvey

Novice Mr. Gainesville

Novice Mr. Gainesville Overall - John Meunier

1st, Clint Smith
2nd, Kip Hilbriding
3rd, Chad Cruce

1st, John Meunier
2nd, Lewis Lee
3rd, James Thomas

1st, Tim Dorsey
2nd, Cornell George

Videos of show are available for purchase, Call 352-376-8400 for more info & prices for copies of show video, ask for John
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